Synergy Disc®


The Synergy Disc® prosthesis masters any physical malfunction by supporting natural posture and movement .

It is the only prosthesis which can correct alignment and restore sagittal balance. Synergy Disc has successfully been helping patients since 2012. It was designed for multilevel cases with special needs.


Synergy Disc is made of three components. Selfcutting teeth are added to the plates for a better primary stability. This prosthesis is designed especially for multilevel cases. The unique 6° lordosis corrects the alignment of the cervical spine – Synergy can correct kyphosis and prevent postoperative kyphosis.

Controlled movement: 22° flexion/ extension, 12° lateral bending, 12° axial rotation, 2mm translation and safety stops in every direction. The footprints and heights of the disc cover a wide variety of sizes for each women and men.

  • Ventral
  • Optional precutting of teeth
  • Total disc replacement




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