BAMBOO disposable instruments

BAMBOO® is a sterile MIS single use instrument set, created for surgeries with the percutaneous evospine® fixation system. Go for maximum safety for your patients at a minimum expense. No instrument sterilization needed. Just dispose the instruments after surgery. All these and many other features are combined in the small and handy box with only 1100g of weight.


The grey material is a high-performance plastic IXEF GS-1022 (polyarylamid). The material is x-ray-permeable and allows clear view during surgery. The rest of the parts in the set are made of surgical steel.


Choose the highest of all hygienic standards. Avoid expensive/costly sterilization processes: With the sterile MIS single use instrument set BAMBOO for our proven evospine fixation system you can save time, money, and get the maximum out of safety. All in a single box!

The whole instrument set is placed in one blister box and has a total weight of only 1,100g. Most instruments are marked with different help notches and laser marks and have multiple use cases. The handles are ergonomically shaped and can be used as T-Handle (also as a ratchet) as well as a straight handle. The main benefit of this product is its compact and slim construction, which gives you a clear view during the x-ray process.

  • MIS percutaneous

  • Wiltse mini open




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